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Immunization Registry Frequently Asked Questions

Arkansas Web IZ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get my username/password for AR Web IZ?

Answer:   Open the following web link and click on the appropriate box that describes your facility to select the appropriate user enrollment and/or login request form. 

Arkansas WebIZ Enrollment Page

Completely fill out the user enrollment form and press the Submit button.  Upon receipt, AR Web IZ staff will send a confirmation email that your form was received.  Once the ADH Web IZ staff processes your form, a series of two emails will be sent.  The first will have the AR Web IZ URL and username and the second email will contain the password. 

Note: Usernames and passwords will be distributed by June 3rd, 2013, in two separate emails to anyone that has registered on or prior to May 24, 2013.  Anyone that registered after May 24th, 2013, will receive the two emails within two weeks of receipt of the form by AR Web IZ staff.

Due to the volume of requests at this time, school nurses, daycare centers, and nursing homes will NOT receive any login information at this time.  More specific dates on those requests will be provided as soon as possible. Please watch the following website for updates:


2. What if I did NOT get an email with my username/password but I sent in the user enrollment form and a login request form?

Answer:   You should have received a confirmation email that your request form has been received.  Forms are being processed as soon as possible and in the order they have been received.  It may be a few days before all forms are processed.  Please continue to monitor the following AR Web IZ web site for updates:

If no confirmation email has been received, please contact the AR Web IZ Help Desk at 1-800-574-4040.




3.  Where do I access the ADH WebIZ training slides?

Answer:   AR Web IZ staff are working diligently to have training slides posted to the following web site.  Please continue to watch for updates.

4.  When will the training material be available?

Answer:   Training materials will be on the following web site by June 7, 2013:


5.  What should I do about reporting doses administered until I get my login information?

Answer:   Please keep track of any immunizations administered so they can be entered into Arkansas WebIZ as soon as you gain access. 


6.  How do I order my VFC vaccine until I have access to Arkansas WebIZ?

Answer:   Instructions for ordering vaccine when you have access along with the VFC Vaccine Order Form are attached.


7.  What is the WebIZ production URL?



8.  How often am I to reconcile my vaccine inventory?

Answer:  Vaccine inventories must be reconciled on the last business day of each month.  ADH Web IZ Staff will be able to access your inventories on-line, so there is no need to submit hard copies.


9.  How often can I submit a vaccine order?

Answer:  Non-emergency vaccine orders will only be accepted between the 1st and 15th of each month.